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THOMASVILLE — Thomas County Central High School’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter continues to dominate, winning the Georgia FBLA Region 1 conference and competition for the 11th straight year.

“In total, our members have won 77 medals competing in 37 different event categories,” said TCCHS FBLA Chief Advisor Nicholas Haskin. “We remain the only FBLA chapter in Georgia to win the regional contest trophy [for their region] every year since its inception. Competing with 18 other counties, our students continue to shine and compete at the highest level. We are incredibly proud of all of our students!

Sophomore Ethan Mainprize enjoyed showing off his abilities in individual events and felt honored to be part of the winning team.

“I think the positive attitude and good spirit of all TCCHS FBLA members pushed us to the top,” he said. “Everyone who studied day in and day out for their tests, everyone who constantly worked on their presentations or other projects, and the general attitude of everyone at FBLA was what might have allowed us to win. .”

Freshman Heali Patel, 15, a rookie at the FBLA this year, is excited to be part of such an achievement.

“It’s great to know that we’ve added another year to the FBLA’s multiple wins,” she said. “I feel accomplished that my hard work has paid off.”

Junior Shelbie Ducharme expressed his pride in the program and everyone involved with the TCCHS FBLA. This includes members and their advisors Mindy Pierce, Mark Thompson, Brandi Miranda and Haskin, as well as assistant directors Beth Adams and Karen Jones.

“I believe our experienced counselors helped my classmates and I perform to the best of our abilities in our respective events,” Ducharme said.

Given the ongoing complications of COVID, members conducted online tests and presentations. Regional testing took place in December 2021, while participants recorded and uploaded presentations to YouTube and submitted them for judging in January.

“Competiting in the age of COVID means adapting to recording presentations, talking to a camera and trying to become more disciplined so that the product you produce is equivalent to how we would operate ‘in person'”, Haskin said.

Patel participated in the introduction to public speaking. She placed second in the regional competition and qualified for the state.

“I was to give a presentation on the topic of integrating the FBLA’s goal of trust into our work,” she said. “Since the regional competition was virtual, I had to record my presentation and then send it. I’m proud of my score and the feedback I received from the judges. I think I did pretty well being new to the club and the events.

Mainprize won first place in Introduction to Information Technology, which qualified it for the state, and second in Web Design.

“In computing, they do a bit of everything, from building spreadsheets to fixing large-scale networks and everything in between,” he said. “I’ve also been involved in website design, where you create a website for a local business in your area. I’m very happy to place what I’ve done in my events. My dad has been d a big help, because he is an IT manager, and he was able to help me answer all the questions I had.

The 2022 FBLA Georgia State Leadership Conference and Competition will take place March 10-13 in Atlanta. TCCHS qualified 25 students. Qualified students plan to work hard in the weeks leading up to the competition to improve and polish their entries.

“Using the judges’ feedback, I will improve my presentation to make it better for the state competition,” Patel said. “One thing I keep in mind is that I have to solve every problem, no matter how big or small, because state judges are tougher when it comes to judging. national championships, I have to understand that I’m competing against people from all over the state who have also scored very well.

Ducharme, who placed first and qualified for the state competition in social media strategy, plans to improve her presentation.

“I had to create a PowerPoint presentation based on a rubric created by FBLA officials and then record myself presenting it to hand out to the judges,” she said. “I know there are ways for me to improve before the state, so I’m looking forward to fine-tuning my presentation by then.”


1st Place Winners / Regional Champions

Norman Desourdy (Accounting)*

Christian Miranda (Banking and financial systems)

Norman Desourdy (Commercial calculations) *

Caleb Kinneer (Corporate Communications) *

Bowen Dennard (Business Administration)

Bishop Jackson (future business leader) *

Ellie Muniz (Hospitality and Events Management Team)

Melia Saunders

Shane Sanford (Introduction to Business Procedures) *

Kayla Carr (Intro to Event Planning)

Hayden Groom (Introduction to Financial Mathematics) *

Ethan Mainprize (Intro to Information Technology)*

Emily Bishop (Parliamentary Procedure Team)

Donald Davis

Claire Pape

Loxley Slocumb

Caleb Kinneer (Personal Finance) *

Loxley Slocumb (Electronic Career Portfolio)*

Karsyn Bush (job interview) *


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