The 10 Most JRPG-Ass Songs To Honor The Weather Channel

A meteorologist reports that the oncoming meteor crashes into the Shinra building.

When there are patches of cloud in the sky and you can see the sun, there is not going to be a thunderstorm.
Image: Square Enix / Kotaku / tomazl (Getty Images)

Some might say the best way to predict the weather is to look out the window, but thanks to modern technology like The Weather Channel, we can easily check the weather while listening to explosive music that sounds straight from a soundtrack. of Japanese RPG.

A viral post has been making the rounds on Twitter this week featuring a very “JRPG” track from the Weather Channel. You do not believe me ? Listen to this storm warning track and tell me it don’t sound like a Final Fantasy song. As Motherboardthe Janus Rose eldest said so eloquently, “it gives Jenova.”

Turns out, in addition to playing instrumentals from famous songs like Sublime’s “What I’ve Got” and bon ‘ol Cchristian bible jams like “Silent night,” the weather channel aired a plethora of legit JRPG-sounding tunes for viewers to enjoy listening to the weather.

With the help of The classics of the weather channela website that compiles information on Weather Channel music selections dating back to 1983, I’m going to put together a little preview slideshow of The Weather Channel’s 10 Most JRPG Songs.


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