The best Christian songs to listen to in 2021


Christian music is growing in popularity. The best Christian songs have sold at least 8.5 million copies to date. Over the past ten years Christian music has become increasingly well known.

Christian music and the best Christian songs have become an important musical genre. Some people think that Christian music is compared to gospel music.

Christian music has changed over time, and now the best Christian songs sound more like rock or rap today. Some of the best Christian songs aren’t acclaimed like other popular radio hits, but that is changing.

Many Christian musicians are among the best in the music business. Some fans of Christian music believe that the best Christian songs and artists are among the best.

Here are the best Christian songs to listen to in 2021

We’ve researched and compiled a list of some of the best Christian songs and top Christian artists.

1. “You say” by Lauren Daigle

This song is one of the most famous Christian songs of the past 15 years. He has been on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs for over two years.

This song has a powerful message, and it’s known to give listeners strength as they go through certain things in their lives.

2. “Holy water” by Us the Kingdom

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This prominent Christian song made it to the Billboard Bubbling Under Top 100 charts and at number 6.
It’s a powerful song and the band is a tight-knit family group.

3. “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes and Elevation Worship

This 12 minute song is filled with emotion. Elevation Worship music includes instrumentals that can make you cry tears of happiness and salvation.

4. “Follow God” by Kanye West

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It’s Kanye West’s 9th album, and it’s a Christian rap song. It starts with a prayer and at the end Kanye screams.

5. “There Was Jesus” by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

It’s a very powerful, life-changing song, and Dolly Parton is a big part of it. This song earned Dolly a 2021 Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance / Song.

This song can touch anyone who listens to it. It’s a song that can wonder if you are in a rough spot in your life at any point in your life.

6. “Father’s House” by Cory Asbury

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This song is one of the top three Christian songs. He has been on the US Hot Christian Songs chart since January 2020. This is his third album and Asbury pours his heart and soul to God.

7. “Ensemble” by King & Country, Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly

This was filmed in quarantine from each singer’s home. It was nominated for a 2021 Billboard Music Award for Best Christian Song.

8. “Nobody” by Casting Crowns (feat. Matthew West)

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This song is full of excitement and happiness, and uplifting. He has a great melody with his message. It was nominated for Song of the Year and Pop / Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year at the 2020 Dove Awards.

9. “Almost Home” by MercyMe – “Almost Home”.

It was written to tell us to keep running the race of life and always move forward. This video has a great message, and the song is just as powerful.

10. “See a victory” through the cult of elevation

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It’s an older song, released in 2019, but it’s great. This song has sold over 500,000 and encourages people to choose Jesus Christ as they worship him every day.

These are just a few of the best Christian songs on the charts today. These are very popular among fans of Christian music. They are among the most played Christian songs.

What is the most played Christian song?

If you are wondering what is the most played Christian song today, we have this information for you. The best Christian song on the Christian Airplay charts is “My Jesus” by Anne Wilson.

This song topped the Christian / Evangelical charts for 19 weeks and four weeks at number one.

The most popular Christian song on Spotify is “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. Her song has been on the charts for 160 weeks. At the moment, it is ranked at number 3 on the charts.

Besides the best Christian songs on the charts, don’t forget about gospel music as well. Both of these genres of music have huge fan bases.

How popular is gospel music today?

How popular is gospel music today?

Gospel music is gaining more and more popularity these days. Over 215 million people said they listen to gospel songs.

The Gospel Music Association reports that 68% of Americans have listened to Christian or gospel music in the past 30 days.

Gospel music is very popular with African American demographics. About 93% have listened to Gospel in that year.

Gospel music and. Christianity is popular because of the music being in our culture. There are several reality shows and movies that feature gospel or Christian music.

Many companies are teaming up with Christian and gospel artists. These companies are Cracker Barrel, NASCAR, McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.

Tours such as Winter Jam have put Christian and gospel music on the map. Besides touring, Christian and gospel music artists are the ones who also write and sing great songs.

Who are the best Christian music artists?

Who are the best Christian music artists?

Some of the best singers started out as Christian music artists. If you listen to Christian or gospel music, you might recognize these names.

One of the top performers is Hillsong Worship, followed by MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Forward King & COUNTRY, Michael W. Smith, Anne Wilson, and more.

The talent of these artists is off the charts. Since the talent is so amazing, there might be a good reason for the growth in popularity.


To sum up, the best Christian songs today are great songs with powerful meaning for all. If you’ve ever felt lonely or have hit rock bottom, these top Christian songs can help change your life.

Songs can help you see that all is not bad if you truly believe in God or your specific deity. For some of these songs, no one would ever think they were Christian songs.

Some of them contain rap lyrics and country, pop compliments and Top 40 Mainstream compliments.

It is certain that Gospel is one of this genre when it comes to Christian songs, and Gospel is growing in popularity today.

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