The Christian community church lights the “steeple of light”


KANSAS CITY, Missouri – There was a lot to celebrate Sunday at the Community Christian Church on Main Street.

Parishioners attended their first in-person worship service in over a year on the same weekend the church leader lit an iconic lighthouse.

It is the only beam of light that once again illuminates the night sky above Country Club Plaza and beyond.

“We know this is a source of joy and hope and just pride in our city,” said Reverend Shanna Steitz, Senior Minister of Community Christian Church.

Four individual lights make up the “spire of light” atop the Main Street church which went out two years ago when the first burned down.

Their absence was quite noticeable last year when, at the worst of the pandemic, any sign of hope brought some joy to people.

“People called us to ask us to turn on the lights and some neighbors stopped asking about the lights so we had to explain that you knew we were working on it,” Steitz said.

Donors raised $ 80,000 to bring it back to life.

The lights are really beautiful in themselves. But because there are several of them, they’re really that connection that we’re all a little bit brighter when we shine together, ”Steitz said.

A point she reiterated in Sunday’s sermon.

“It’s like this culmination of all that we have done good, beautiful and holy, which directs us to what we are going to do next,” Steitz told his congregation.

This is a signal after a year of pain and chaos.

“It’s a connection to something bigger than us, at least that’s how we see it as people of faith,” Steitz said.

The lights come back in the middle of the bird migration season, so the church plans to turn them on for about three hours from 8:45 p.m. to midnight.


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