The first Christian church moves from the city center to a district in the south of Abilene | KTAB


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB / KRBC) – Sunday was the inauguration of the new location of First Christian Church after being in Abilene for over 135 years.

“This church has been traveling since 1885,” said Johnnie-Lou Avery Boyd.

Boyd was a life member of the First Christian Church in Abilene.

“One of the cool things I love about Abilene’s story is that the founding members of this church included six very strong pioneers,” Boyd said.

Since then, the church has made two major movements.

“There were four churches, all located in the same downtown area, within a block of each other,” Boyd said.

This is the first time in the history of the church that it is not part of the downtown community.

“We wanted to be more in a neighborhood where we could accommodate families,” Boyd said.

With their new building, they also have a new pastor.

“It’s me, I’m the newbie,” said Pastor Greg Morris.

Morris and his family moved from Odessa to be part of a new start for this historic church.

“None of us really know what the future holds, as God will use this great facility and this great church, but we all know where we’ve come from,” Morris said.

Life Members Wayne and Muffy Watson say the church has purchased 5 acres of land, so their possibilities are endless.

“I hope that we will grow, that we need more facilities and that we have a lot of space to develop. I hope it is, ”said Wayne Watson.

“We have land here, so we’re excited to share that with the kids and families, and an Easter egg hunt, which is coming,” said Muffy Watson.

But for now, the church is happy to move into its new forever home, located in the 5100 block of Antilley Road.


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