The First Christian Church’s Christian Corn Maze may be the easiest in the world



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For four years, Timothy Kuntz grew a “Christian maze of corn,” a single row of corn mirroring a chapter in the book of Matthew in the land next to First Christian Church.

“Matthew 7 mentions ‘Strait is the gate, straight is the way,'” said Timothy Kuntz, the gardener behind this Christian corn maze. “Then the idea came to make a Christian corn maze, straight and narrow.” This year, that maze is “170 feet long, about a foot wide, and one and a third ‘Darlenes’ tall,” Kuntz said, using his wife Darlene Kuntz as a measure of the height of the corn stalks. stands five feet nothing.Last year Corn stood two Darlenes high.

Maze corn is distributed to members and non-members of the church. “Last year was the only year I counted, and we gave out between 200 and 300 cobs of corn,” Kuntz said. “This year, there will be a lot more because it is planted more densely.” Kuntz and other church volunteers will spend a day picking and bagging the corn when it’s ready.

“A lot of times when we give to the congregation, we say ‘take one bag for yourself and another to give away,'” Kuntz said, noting how this is an example of the giving nature of the congregation.

“The only time I got ticked off by someone stealing corn was because it wasn’t ready yet,” Kuntz said.

Pastor Timothy Moore wants the community to know that First Christian Church is as open as the maze. “A large majority of my sermons focus on how Christians should live their lives,” Moore said. “We need to be open so you know you’re welcome and we’re glad you’re here.”

Moore hopes to use the maze for more outreach across the community.

“We were looking for ways to reach out to the community and meet the needs, whatever they may be,” Moore said. “When the corn maze blew up, Kuntz announced that it would be a great opportunity to meet that community need and let people know what First Christian is.”

Kuntz wants people to know corn is for everyone, saying, “You know where it is; you know how to pick corn. Break it; if you don’t have enough, it’s your fault.


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