This viral TikTok is the first masterpiece of Christian cinema


There have been bad Christian movies. There have been good Christian films. There have even been one or two great Christian films. But has there ever been a faith-based cinematic experience that is so exquisite in its artistry, universal in its themes, and timeless in its message that it transcends to the level of masterpiece? There is now. A UK-based filmmaker who goes through Joseph the dreamer has built a TikTok of such breathtaking artistry, narrative depth and creative vision that we simply have no choice but to award it a thousand Oscars and watch the film 500 times . Observe.

Incredible. Just amazing. How many times have you watched it? Not enough. Go back and watch it again, and let the pure waves of creative genius flow over your soul. The biblical wisdom of Charles Spurgeon married to the cinematic acumen of Martin Scorsese, with a little Ride 2 in the streets, Carman and the energy from the youth group skit were thrown in for good measure.

For the uninitiated, the video is a riff on a viral tiktok by Casey Frey and became a meme late last year. But it’s the rare Christian parody that not only holds its own but leaps effortlessly over the source material. The hairdryer ! Headstand ! This coat.

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Besides being a genius at TikTok, Joseph’s YouTube page has all kinds of great Christian content, including this one “Stuff Christians Say: Pandemic Edition” and some spiritual inspiration. Definitely a guy to watch.


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