Top 5 best English songs of 2021


In 2021 there was a song for every occasion, every event and every emotion – from the introspective sounds of Lucy Dacus to Farruko’s triumphant blockbuster, “Pepas”, these are the 5 best English songs we couldn’t stop listening to. in 2021.

5. “Monster”, Yoasobi

YOASOBI, a Japanese pop duo, have taken Japan by storm in recent years, topping several charts, amassing billions of streams and winning “Artist of the Year” at MTV’s Video Music Awards Japan this year. “Monster”, an English version of one of their biggest singles, vibrates with the band’s distinctive vigor. Considering the cinematic and eager nature of the song, it’s no surprise that it served as the title song for the Beastars anime.

4. “VBS”, Lucy Dacus

Singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus is a master of the craft: she paints vivid situations that force listeners to use their imaginations to fill in narrative gaps themselves. Dacus’ song “VBS” is inspired by his personal experiences in the Christian camp, where darker currents of turmoil and nihilism run beneath his piety. The song is full of details that beg to be explored in a novel or feature film: “Your dad wears his sleeves in the heat for a reason / Your mom wears extra thick lipstick for a reason,” she sings. .

3. “All Too Good (Taylor’s Version)”, Taylor Swift

“All Too Well” was a highly anticipated single when Taylor Swift announced she was re-recording her 2012 album, Red. The song, a painfully beautiful break-up ballad that achieved cult classic status due to fan speculation that it was Swift’s split from Jake Gyllenhaal, matured and became a 10-year-old epic. minutes with new, deeply-recognized lyrics that not only explore first love, but challenge the relationship’s unbalanced power dynamics in 2021.

2. “Essence”, WizKid ft. Justin Bieber and Tems

Wizkid’s sultry “Essence” was already a standout track on his 2020 album, Made in Lagos, thanks to gentle help from fellow Nigerian artist Tems, but the Afrobeats star’s song became ubiquitous in 2021, thanks to gentle help from fellow Nigerian artist Tems after releasing a remix with Justin Bieber and Tems.

The song’s tantalizing rhythm and luscious voice make it one of the most luxurious and effortless musical experiences of the year, a tribute to desire, lust and, yes, love.

1. “Pepas”, Farruko

“Pepas,” the dance piece, which features a seductive reggaeton beat and an invigorating injection of guaracha (a subgenre of tribal Latin American house music), opens with a slow crooning before transforming into a victorious chorus embellished with EDM. The exuberant appeal of “Pepas” has propelled Farruko to the top of the charts, but its true impact can be felt in the rapid surge of energy he conjures up when thrown out the window of a passing or playing car. on a crowded dance floor.


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