TRIPTYKON will perform a special set of early songs from CELTIC FROST at Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023


On Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, 2023, a global contingent of music fans will gather at White Oak Music Hall in Houston as Pegstar Concerts presents the Hell’s Heroes Festival. The two-day music festival will feature a hand-picked selection of international underground metal bands including genre pioneers, much-loved modern bands and more, in one not-to-be-missed concert.

Hell’s Heroes is proud to announce the addition of a very special set to the 2023 festival. Swiss avant-garde extreme metal colossus Triptykon, along with Celtic Frost founder Tom Gabriel Warrior, will join the headliners of the week -end, in an exclusive Celtic Frost tribute set. Triptykon will – for the very first time – rip a set entirely made up of early Celtic Frost songs! This specially selected set will draw inspiration from 1984’s Morbid Tales and 1985’s To Mega Therion LP, two undisputed classics in the canon of heavy metal history. This titanic uproar will prove to be the ultimate example of a celebration of metal, by metal fans, for metal fans.

Bay Area death metal pioneers Possessed, Canadian speed metal kings Razor, English NWOBHM titans Demon and East Coast power metal purveyors Leige Lord will also headline Hell’s Heroes in this which promises to be a headbanger’s paradise.

To accommodate the addition of Triptykon, the festival has now moved to a larger outdoor stage at White Oak Music Hall and additional tickets are now available. Additionally, Houston metal/punk heavyweights Night Cobra and Mexican heavy metal pagans Voltax were also added to the festival line-up. To purchase Hell’s Heroes Festival tickets, go here.

Joining the headliners of Hell’s Heroes 5 will be UK occult metal mavens Pagan Altar, UK proto-thrash purveyors Satan, Utah trad-metal crew Visigoth, Manowar/Dictators founder Ross the Boss, California rippers Haunt, Swedish progressive rock unit Hällas, California heavy metal advocates Brocas Helm, Toronto rippers Skull Fist, prog-metal veterans Portland Danava, Vancouver hypnotic heavy metal trio Spell and more than a dozen other denizens of the cream of underground metal.

The full Hell’s Heroes Festival 2023 lineup is as follows: Triptykon (performing early Celtic Frost), Possessed, Razor, Demon, Leige Lord, Pagan Altar, Satan, Visigoth, Ross the Boss, Night Demon, Hällas, Brocas Helm, Skull Fist, Haunt, Night Cobra, Christian Mistress, Riot City, Danava, Goat Horn, Freeways, Spell, Tower, Morgul Blade, Natur, Century, Gatekeeper, Midnight Dice, Voltax,.

“We are honored to have Triptykon join the epic lineup of Hell’s Heroes 2023,” said festival organizer Christian Larson. “It’s a really cool and diverse mix of the best metal bands from around the world. Special thanks to all the bands, teams and especially the fans, who make gatherings like this possible. See you at the show !” In addition to booking Hell’s Heroes, Larson also performs as guitarist/vocalist for melodic black metal band Necrofier and is the lead vocalist for Houston heavy metal band Night Cobra.

(Photo – Ester Segarra)


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