Underperforming Stoney Point YMCA sold to Antioch Christian Church


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – The Antioch Christian Church will purchase the YMCA site at Stoney Point. The YMCA moved its location to Stoney Point in October after last year’s revenue losses due to the pandemic and derecho.

Cedar Rapids YMCA CEO Bob Carlson said the revenue to keep it open was just not there.

Carlson said the YMCA organization is happy the church is taking over the location and hopes to work with the church to continue offering some programs.

He says they hope to preserve as many staff as possible from the Stoney Point location and are happy the church can use the land space offered by the Stoney Point YMCA for youth programs. .

“They can use the facility, and it just doesn’t turn into houses or anything of that nature there. And then the land space can be used for programming, for the kids, and all those things that are very important on this side of town, ”Carlson said.

With a 45% loss on operations in 2020, Carlson said it would take years for the YMCA to return. For now, he says, the organization will rely on its downtown and new location in Marion.

Pastor Greg Johnson of Antioch Christian Church said that being a multi-site church they are always looking for new locations and the YMCA at Stoney Point is what they are looking for. Johnson said the pandemic has not slowed down the church, which added 1,000 people in a year.

He said they plan to convert the Y’s swimming pool into a space that can accommodate over 300 people with a stage. Johnson said the large parking lot and lobby were also attractive when buying.

The plan is to make it look a lot like their Marion location.

“So pretty much everything we do on the Marion campus or the Oelwein campus will be done there. So this will be a huge option for everyone in this region, it should work really well, ”Johnson said.

Johnson said they do not yet have the exact cost of the renovations, but he estimates it will be around $ 1.2 million to $ 1.5 million.

He said they planned to partner with the Y to continue offering sports and activities at the Stoney Point location and that there was a lot of enthusiasm in the congregation when he announced the purchase.

Pastor Johnson said the church will begin fundraising in the fall for renovations and plans to open the Stoney Point location in the spring of next year.

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