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MONROVIA- Mr. Aaron Zuo, a Liberian plumber based in the United States, earns his income doing one of the dirtiest jobs, but that doesn’t stop him from lending a helping hand to others, especially those in his home county. of Nimba in the fields of health and education.

For him, giving back is a hobbit and does it without any strings attached. He said his many donations and help had no political overtones. “I have no intention of running for political office. I am a professional plumber who loves what I do.”

He is a renowned Liberian professional and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of ‘Menwon Plumbing Drain Service LLC of Massachusetts. For him, his will is to continuously help promote quality education in Liberia and to call on all Liberians, including those in the country and in the Diaspora, to prioritize human capacity development.

Mr. Zuo, a native of Nimba County, is currently the only licensed Liberian professional plumber trained in the state of Massachusetts in the United States. He practices his profession in plumbing coding engineering, which is the basis for infrastructure development and the control of water pollution and health hazards.

After many years as a journeyman at Roto Rooter Plumbing and Drain Services, he established the Menwon Plumbing and Drain Service in 2019. The company quickly established itself as one of the Better Business Bureau’s top rated companies (BBB), YELP, Google and others. credible evaluation committees.

He calls on Liberians all over the world to pursue their education in different fields and compete with other nationals. “I can look back and think only of the challenge of fitting into a competitive American society a few years ago. I was from the refugee camp in the Ivory Coast. Some teachers barely understood my English. But I I didn’t give in to that. I’m chasing my dream and today I’m a top CEO who also provides services and jobs.”

He stressed the importance of helping because most people in Liberia have been in a web of poverty and major help will be needed to change the situation.

Mr. Zuo has been involved in humanitarian works since moving to the United States. In just over a decade, it has focused primarily on education and health assistance. He promised that he and his wife (Rose Zuo) placed this as a corporate responsibility for their company.

It has increased the capacity of its target group and its recent donation of school and non-school materials covers 10 clinics.

He said: “I am doing this to encourage our brothers and sisters with the ability to avoid decisive politics and simply help provide those basic necessities in our community. We have to do this because things are getting extremely difficult. Helping people get an education is a major step out of poverty”.

The clinics on the beneficiary list include; Beo Yoolah,. Kpiahplay, Gbei Vonwea, Vayenglay, Karnplay, Give Them Hope, Duoplay Loguatuo and Younlay

SELECTED SCHOOL is located in Twah-river, Garplay Inland School, Kpiahplay Inland School, Beo Yoolah Inland School, Kpiahplay Inland School, Kargou Trust Christian Academy Garplay, Vayenglay public school and deep light School.

Others include; Partoaplay Public School, kpeituo Public School, Soe keiplay Public School, Beo Ganarglay Public School, Mah-diaplay Public School GBEHLAY SCHOOL, Karnplay Inland Academy School Denton Baptist School, Karnplay Catholic School, Nazarene Solid Foundation, E. Free Elementary School, Corner Foundation School, Bishop Fatumata Abiso, Gbanplay Public School, Karnplay Muslim School and Loelay Public School.


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