Valley Christian Academy Debut Kicks Off Graduation Season | Education


Valley Christian Academy kicked off graduation season in the Santa Maria area on Friday when it began celebrating its 15 graduates.

“They are extremely talented artistically, athletically and academically,” Principal Christopher Maples said. “If you look at their accomplishments, their art, their music, their athletic endeavors and their academic accomplishments, this is the kind of class that we will miss. We are excited for their future and what God has in store for them.”

The ceremony at the VCA campus, located at 2970 Santa Maria Way, was the first full ceremony for the campus since COVID-19, with the start of last year having a limit on the number of guests.

Speaking at the ceremony was Pastor Phil Mikkelson, of St. Charles, Missouri. Mikkelson is not only the father of Pastor Joel Mikkelson — who leads the First Baptist Church, which operates the school — but he is also the grandfather of valedictorian Lindsay Mikkelson.

“What’s unique about this class is that they have a lot of servant leaders,” Maples said. “They were leaders in our school. They set an example, living for others rather than themselves. It’s a goal we have for our students, and it’s so nice to see it come to fruition. .”


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