We Need To Talk About The Ridiculous VeggieTales Cover Songs


If you’re a Christian of a certain age, chances are you grew up listening to Silly Songs with Larry. You’ll remember singing with the cucumber about cheeseburgers, water buffaloes and of course, lost hairbrushes.

But there is a different side to Bob and Larry, a kind of more silly side, which we don’t talk about enough. It seems the best VeggieTales showmen are also moonlighting as cover artists during their downtime, taking the weirdest genre of the 70s, 80s and Country, and giving them a new vegetarian twist.

It’s true. Over the past few years, the Singing Vegetables have released three absolutely insane cover compilation albums: Bob and Larry sing the 70s, Bob and Larry sing the 80s and Bob and Larry go to the countryside. From disco to country, VeggieTales give these classic songs their own spin, with ridiculous lyrical changes and nonsensical ad-libs.

It seems to stem from a time when VeggieTales was making a major play for audiences beyond the Sunday School crowd, venturing beyond sweet Bible lessons and into, well, that. VeggieTales’ voices do an admirable job of staying true to their characters’ voices while singing their turn on songs like “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “I Will Always Love You.” But one thing that is never fully explained is the Why of all that. Maybe there is no answer.

With over 30 covers to choose from, we thought we’d highlight the top 10 songs you won’t believe are real.

Squashes just wanna have fun

Kidz Bop wishes they could come up with something as awesome as this.

jesus take the wheel

The ad libs at the start really elevate the emotion of the song.

Free from all ties

What really makes this dish extra special is knowing that the veggies have no leg to let go.

The lion sleeps tonight

In a way, it makes sense that the VeggiesTales cover this song. The original sounds like a distant cousin to one of Larry’s own silly songs.

Heart of breaky Achy

The only thing that would make things better is if Larry farms a mule.

See also

the Bamba

I can’t even express how well this one delivers on its promise.

life is a highway

For no clear reason, this song starts with a Forrest Gump quote and things get weirder and weirder from there.

Mammas don’t let your babies turn into cowboys

Larry puts a heavy twang country for this one, and it really is something special.

awesome city

Once you’ve spent the whole minute the veggies talk about having fun on an ice rink(?), you hear them producing sick beets.

I will Always Love You

First it was Dolly Parton’s song. Then it became Whitney Houston’s. And now it’s VeggieTales (just kidding. It’s still Whitney’s).


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