When times get tough, hum 10 Great Hope Songs From Hindi Cinema


6. Mere Nazim, Mere Humsafar Udaas Naa Ho. In this memorable song from the pen of Sahir, we have a woman telling her beloved not to be overwhelmed by the great difficulties and obstacles they face. Very talented singer Sudha Malhotra is able to bring just the right feelings into her voice to convey the blend of love, emotion, motivation and determination. This great song of Bhai-Behan the film has music by N. Dutta.

seven. Kisi ki Muskrahato Pe ho Nisar. This is a very popular and awesome song from the movie Anari. Photographed on Raj Kapoor, playing an unemployed youth who always manages to be cheerful in his own way, this song says the way to live is not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by difficulties but to retain the ability to be kind to others and to experience the small joys of life while helping others. Sung in a delightful way by Mukesh and written by Shailendra.

8. Chota Sa Ghar Hoga Baadalon Ke Chaon Mein. This delicious song by Naukri Still has Kishore Kumar at his best in the movie Naukri, with music by Salil Chaudhry. In this song, which is also featured on Kishore, we see him exchanging loving, brotherly teases with his younger sister, while painting a rosy picture of a better life for the family. Tt is full of little and sweet hopes.

9. Jaago Mohan Pyare. This is a very popular and awesome devotional song from a great movie Jagte Raho, sung in good humor as a background song by Lata Mangeshkar with music by Salil Chaudhary. Raj Kapoor playing the role of a migrant worker was severely beaten. Just as a child helps her get up, this song begins in the background. He was thirsty all night. As he walks towards a temple, a woman (played by Nargis) has just finished her worship and gets up to offer him water.

10. Ae malik tere band hum. This devotional song has become very popular and is frequently used as a morning prayer in several schools. This song by Do Ankhen Barah Haath, a film about prison reform, calls on the almighty to give the strength to face hardships and maintain the nobility of his goals amidst many adversities.

(The authors work together on songs of social significance.)


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