Willamette Christian Church reconsiders and extends school lease for 1 more year


The Willamette Christian School will be allowed to remain in its current building space at the Willamette Christian Church in Eugene for one more year, easing family and staff concerns about where they will hold the school in autumn.

The ‘Christ-centered’ private K-8 school was initially told in June that it would have to relocate for the upcoming school year as the church attempted to end its affiliation with the school after having him on site at the church for a few years.

But according to board chairman Sean Stevens, the church recently changed its mind and extended the contract for another year while it looked for a new permanent location.

“We were all pretty excited and somewhat relieved,” Stevens said. “We had spoken to several churches in the city and looked at other options and not much had come of it, so we felt it was a good opportunity to be able to move on and move on to next year.”

This new lease is similar to what the school and church have had in the past, Stevens said, and ends June 30, 2021.

The school management will be looking to purchase land or a building where they can move at the end of the school year. The school has yet to achieve anything at this stage.

Senior Pastor Van Clements said in an earlier interview with The Register-Guard that the church had a new vision that no longer included the school as a church affiliate. Clements did not respond to requests for comment on the new extended lease.

The initial decision not to renew the lease came after back and forth between the church board and the school board over the details of an extended lease, which ended with the church voting to end with the school, leaving headteachers scrambling to find a physical location. place before September.

“I think through it all there was probably some fault on both sides and I think we learned through that how to communicate and work with each other, and I hope our partnership continues to grow. over the next year,” Stevens said. . “(We’re) just thrilled to be able to stay there and have a successful school year, just happy to have worked through the issues despite all the other uncertainties this year.”

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