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With the new school year kicking off for Winona students, the leaders of the three local colleges were recently asked how the new school year is going and what they are most looking forward to this year. for the institute.

winona state university

“Students at Winona State University are excited and full of energy this fall,” said President Scott R. Olson. “We always have a big rally for new students during welcome week which ends with the students shouting ‘We are warriors!’ This year, their volume was so loud they almost blew the roof off the McCown Gymnasium, and I think people may have heard them in Minnesota City. I hear from faculty and staff that they also sense the enthusiasm among the students. there was a pent up demand for something “normal” and students want to make the most of it. This year’s senior class saw their freshman year disrupted, then two years of restrictions, masks, etc. I’m happy to report that we exceeded our freshman enrollment goal, which is the first time we’ve done so since COVID set in, and we’re all thrilled about it. We are also delighted to have a significant number of new international students for the first time since the pandemic has made travel so difficult. So, it’s been a great semester so far! Thank you, Winona, for providing us with such an amazing place to do our work!”

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St. Mary’s University

“Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota’s academic year has gotten off to a brisk start with classes beginning August 29,” said Senior Vice President and General Counsel Ann Merchlewitz. “We welcomed freshmen last week with the support of resident assistants, peer ministers, student orientation officers and student athletes. New students spent the next three days participating in various activities including anchor course reunions, Winona tours, desserts with departments, an outdoor movie, a pep rally (where games were swept away by new team members men’s baseball), a new student dinner with the president, a radiant party, and a variety of programs to prepare them for academic success as cardinal Former students arrived on campus on Saturday and Sunday and quickly reconnected with their friends and teachers.

“In addition to academic programming to ensure a great start to the year, having a great introduction to each other and the many student activities on campus and in the community are a priority. Our student success team will facilitate a variety of student activities for the first five weeks of classes, including sporting events, career preparation programs, retreats, concerts, cooking tests and brunch with the Christian Brothers An exciting addition to this early lineup is Winona Wednesdays, featuring a Winona business or organization each week where the organization sets up a table in the square to interact with students, who learn more about the business or organization, network a bit and get more information on all that Winona has to offer.

“Many faculty and staff have expressed how energized they feel now that students are back on campus. Their arrival is a highlight of the year, and we are extremely grateful to have them here. Our We want our students to feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in their new home. We want them to experience diversity in all its forms, because we know it creates an academic experience and richer and deeper academic scholarship. As our students continue to emerge from the pandemic, we want them to feel connected to each other, with our faculty and staff, and with the Winona community. And, of course, we want them to meet and exceed their academic and personal goals.

Minnesota State College Southeast

“We’ve started the new academic year off well,” President Marsha Danielson said. “I am thrilled that enrollment at Minnesota State College Southeast is growing. We have seen an impressive increase in applications and credits taken. Our new student enrollments are up nearly 10% over last fall. Our team of student success and our dedicated faculty have continued above and beyond and they are having a great impact on the growth of the college.

Over the coming year, MSC South East will have the honor of working with an international education think tank, the Aspen Institute. Their professional data analysts will assess our institutional data and help us determine how we can improve our student success results. I really look forward to seeing how this partnership will benefit the college, our students and our communities. »


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