Worship Center Christian Church buys Homewood Kale Me Crazy


A church in Birmingham bought a Homewood cafe to provide jobs and healthy food options in Homewood and later locations in Hoover and downtown Birmingham.

Van Moody, pastor of Worship Center Christian Church at 100 Derby Parkway in Birmingham, said the church bought Kale Me Crazy in late autumn 2021.

“At Worship Center, we believe in healthy living and providing healthy options to help people live their best life,” Moody said in a press release. “The purchase of this Kale Me Crazy location is an entirely new approach to community building by the church. This allows us to provide residents with the opportunity to eat healthier foods, while

at the same time, it allows the church to provide employment to underserved members of our community.

Moody told The Homewood Star he spoke with the CEO of Decatur, Georgia-based Kale Me Crazy after the Homewood cafe failed to follow the success of other locations across the country. After hearing Moody’s thoughts on how to improve the cafe and the lives of its customers, the CEO offered the church the opportunity to purchase the location and bring two more to the area.

Moody said the church was “honoured” to serve Homewood and added that as the church assumes the operation of the business, it will improve the quality of food and service at Kale Me Crazy, as well as the space renovation.

Kale Me Crazy will bring 20 to 30 jobs to each location, providing a way to improve the lives of employees as well as customers, who will benefit from the store’s focus on healthy eating options, Moody said.

The cafes offer “juices, smoothies, salads and wraps to support a healthy lifestyle,” according to the press release. Moody said Alabama as a state lacks healthy food options, and while this often affects marginalized communities more, everyone suffers.

“There’s a reason why marginalized communities stay marginalized,” Moody said. Lack of access to healthy food is one of the “pillars of poverty”, he said.

“I can’t eat better if I don’t have access to better food,” Moody said.

The expansion of Kale Me Crazy is a way to expand those food options for all communities, Moody said. While it may be a “rock” in the effort to improve food options, it is hoped it will have positive effects, he said.

The church focuses on serving the underserved and has multiple campuses as well as a child development community, counseling center and more. The question that church members often ask themselves is, “How can we help people live a full and better life?” said Moody.

The purpose of the church is to help people spiritually, physically and in every way, Moody said. He and his wife try to model this, in part, by adopting a vegan lifestyle, to show the impact of healthy eating.

The church will also renovate the space, adding wood paneling, countertops and new wall decor, Moody said.

For more information about the church, visit twccc.org.


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