Young Thug’s Arrest Updated Live – Rapper’s Lawyer Slams Using Songs As Evidence With Lyric ‘DOZENS’ In Indictment


YOUNG Thug’s words are used against him after he was named in a 56-count indictment.

The Grammy-winning rapper’s songs, including “Slime Sh*t,” “Original Slime Sh*t,” and “Anybody,” were cited in the indictment as examples of “overt acts,” reports CNN.

The lyrics “I’m ready to shoot ’em down”, “Murder gang sh*t”, and “I never killed anyone but I have something to do with this body” were used as specific examples.

The use of the lyrics has sparked First Amendment debate, raising the question of whether the lyrics are protected.

The indictment charges Young Thug, rapper Gunna and 26 others with racketeering, including conspiracy to violate RICO law and participation in criminal street gang activity.

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  • Young Thug’s father speaks out

    The rapper’s father told the ABC Atlanta affiliate that his son was wrongfully accused.

    Jeffrey Williams Sr said YSL is more of a business than a criminal gang, according to Channel 2.

    “I’m going to fight for him until the end,” Williams said. “I am his father. That’s what I do.

  • “YSL is not a gang”

    Metro Boomin went on to say that YSL is not a gang but rather a company that provides “countless jobs and opportunities” to the black community.

  • Metro Boomin shows its support

    Music producer Metro Boomin has shown his support for both rappers and all the artists involved.

    He tweeted, “Using song lyrics to indict niggas sucks and a joke. It’s the same lyrics that made these companies billions over the last decade,” he wrote.

    “I’m now waiting to see who’s going to step in and use those same resources now that the play has turned… Or are you just going to turn the other way and leave n***like how Interscope did Pac in 95??”

  • Previous arrests of Young Thug

    Young Thug grew up surrounded by crime and violence.

    During school, Young Thug was expelled after breaking his teacher’s arm and was placed in juvenile detention for four years.

    It is alleged that his involvement in violence continued throughout his teenage years as he developed bad habits including gambling and drug use.

  • Indictment says Lil Wayne was a victim

    Superstar rapper Lil Wayne was apparently a victim of YSL’s criminal activities, the 88-page indictment states.

    Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, was apparently shot by a member of YSL named Jimmy Winfrey.

    Winfrey apparently shot Wayne’s tour bus in 2015, The New York Times reported.

  • Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s Beef Explained Part Three

    Young Thug continued, “Then it went on and on. One time I dapped him, that’s how he dapped me. I’m like, ‘Look, bruh, I’m patting your hand again… I’m never gonna touch your hand again.'”

    “Right next to that. Nigga, you’re tripping. I’m a gamer and I don’t care. Nigga, I ain’t… nothing about me no groupie, nothing at all. I’m just a real nigga. You inspired me.”

  • Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s Beef Sequel

    Young Thug then announced that he would release Carter 6, causing Lil Wayne to slam the rapper.

    Young Thug opened up about meeting Lil Wayne in 2020 while appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

    He said, “Dude this guy, day one this guy didn’t dap me. [He] tried me. He tried my pimp. I’m like… my feet hurt, I’m a real stepper. Don’t do this to me. Dude, this guy left my pimp hanging. I’m like, he probably had black [shades]the Chrome Hearts on.

  • Lil Wayne and Young Thug’s Beef Explained

    When Lil Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, and Young Thug, real name Jeffery Lamar Williams, were signed to the same label, Vash Money, it seemed likely that a collaboration between the two artists could happen. .

    Things seemed to go downhill in 2016 a few years after Lil Wayne released a few mixtapes under Carter.

    Fans were looking forward to Carter V but were disappointed when the rapper confirmed he wouldn’t be coming out.

  • Lyrics, continued

    District Attorney Fani Willis said while she understands the songs are protected as free speech, she believes the lyrics are “overt and predicate acts” that support the charges.

    “The First Amendment doesn’t protect people from prosecutors using it as evidence if they do,” she said.

  • Words used in the indictment

    Investigators included quotes from lyrics in several of Williams’ music video appearances in the indictment.

    In a 2018 music video, Young Thug says, “I never killed anyone but I had something to do with this body.”

    He also raps, “I told ’em shoot a hundred shots.”

    The lyrics are from his song titled Anybody.

  • Social networks and music used

    District Attorney Fani Willis said Young Thug’s social media as well as his music lyrics played a crucial role in the investigation.

    “Social media is a great tool for prosecutors in every indictment we present these days,” Willis said.

  • “Rooted outside our community”

    At a Tuesday press conference, Fulton County District Attorney Dani Wallis said the criminal street gang committed 75 to 80 percent of violent crime in the Atlanta community.

    “They need to be rooted out of our community,” Willis said.

    “No matter how high profile you are, how famous you are, if you come to Fulton County, Georgia, and commit crimes, you’re going to become a target and a focus of the district attorney’s office.

  • Body camera images, continued

    During the arrest, the stranger took responsibility for everything in the car.

    Young Thug has pleaded not guilty to a plethora of charges.

    A DeKalb judge ruled that all evidence should be dismissed because prosecutors failed to present credible evidence that the law was violated when police stopped the car.

    However, an appeals court later overturned the decision. Do you want conversation? Yes. How’s it going? I say it’s excellent, it’s hot.

  • New body camera footage of the 2017 arrest

    Body camera footage was recently released of an arrest involving Young Thug, Gunna and an unknown person from 2017.

    Officers stopped the car the three men were in and found weapons, drugs and cash, according to WSB-TV.

    Speaking to a police officer, Young Thug said, “I’m a real superstar. I have kids and everything. I don’t need anyone to send me to jail right now.”

  • Inhuman Dwelling, Part Three

    The Cobb County Sheriff explained that Young Thug was being held in solitary confinement “for his own safety” and that the overhead lights remain on so officers can regularly check on him.

  • Inhuman housing, continued

    Steel also reported that the isolated cell had an overhead light that stayed on 24/7, preventing Young Thug from sleeping.

    He was also reportedly not allowed any human contact.

  • Young Thug’s home slammed as ‘inhumane’

    Young Thug’s attorneys filed an emergency motion for a bail hearing or “more humane/non-torturing custodial accommodation.”

    The petition was filed Friday in Fulton County Superior Court, WSB-TV reports.

    Lawyer Brian Steel says his client is being held in total isolation in a windowless cement compartment with only a bed and a toilet

  • What does “push P” mean, continued

    Gunna took to Twitter offering a series of examples of how to use P – and when not to use it.

    He wrote in a series of tweets: “Jumpin na person beef or situation when u dk wats goin on Not [P].

    “Now…putting your people in position is [P].

    “Bossing up your B***h is [P].

    “Risking your life to feed your family is [P].

    “Being a real nigga off the internet is [P].

    “I push [P].”

    “Talking about a **** for no reason is not [P].

    “Being faithful is definitely [P].”

  • What does “push P” mean?

    Atlanta rapper Gunna has released his single “pushin P” featuring Future featuring Young Thug as part of his new album DS4EVER.

    He was also seen popularizing the “P” emoji on his social media, leaving hip hop fans confused as to its meaning and connection to the song title.

    Basically, push P means stay real, and the P means play.

  • Gunna also denied the link

    Gunna was also denied bail, but Judge Wolf mentioned that his case was entirely different from Young Thug’s since he was given a broader racketeering charge.

    Judge Wolf said he would “absolutely consider … a connection” for the pair once more information became known.

  • Deposit refused, continued

    Defense attorney Brian Steel told the court that Young Thug had strong ties to the Atlanta community and was cooperative throughout the process, so he posed no flight risk.

    Steel also mentioned that his client had never been convicted of a crime and that the case opened against him four years ago was virtually dead.

  • Deposit refused

    Young Thug was denied bail at a hearing on Wednesday.

    Fulton County Magistrate’s Court Judge Robert Wolf sided with the state’s attorney in denying bail, The Fader reports.

    Wolf cited the rapper as a flight risk and added that he would pose a risk of committing additional crimes if released.

  • ‘Heartbreaking’

    A Twitter user said Young Thug’s arrest was “heartbreaking” given the tragedy his family experienced just months ago with the death of LaKevia Jackson.

    “Prayers for him and his children,” the tweet read.

  • What Happened to Young Thug’s Baby Mom, Sequel

    Law enforcement sources told TMZ that when they arrived at the scene, they found LaKevia dead, having suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

    A Young Thug spokesperson told a WPLG Journalist when the artist focuses on mourning with his family.

  • What happened to Young Thug’s baby mama?

    A bowling alley patron allegedly killed Young Thug’s baby mama, LaKevia Jackson.

    LaKevia and the attacker were allegedly involved in an argument over a bowling ball before the murder occurred on Thursday, March 17.


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